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We are all on the same team

Kubb United and Gorilly Goods are partnering with the Stoughton Kubb Club, the Madison Kubb Club, the Kettle Moraine Kubb Club and Stateline Kubb to bring you the Cheddar Curtain Tour.  It's a competition for all kubb players who play in any of the following five kubb tournaments in the Illinois/Wisconsin state border area.  All players are entered automatically if they play in any of the five tournaments.  There is no cost to enter and there are no requirements for eligibility.  We will be giving out prizes for the top scoring individuals, teams and youth (14 & under).

Starting in Rockford, IL, in May and ending in Hartford, WI, in September, the Cheddar Curtain Tour will be a kubb competition for all.  Each individual and team earns points at each tournament based on how they perform and the standings are listed below.  You are not required to play with the same teammates in each tournament.  If you have different teammates in any tournaments, you will just be listed in the team competition multiple times.

Tournament Date City, State
Rockford Swedish Historical Society Kubb Tournament May 6, 2017 Rockford, IL
Madison Kubb Charity Tournament June 3, 2017 Madison, WI
Stoughton Kubb Invitational July 22, 2017 Stoughton, WI
U.S. Kubb Open August 5, 2017 Beloit, WI
Kubb in the Kettle September 2, 2017 Hartford, WI

Scoring Summary

You will receive a point for every win (including partial points for a did not finish and tie) in qualification matches and 1 point for every win in the Championship Bracket.  There will be no points awarded for the 3rd/4th place match.


There will be a traveling trophy for winning team made by Studio Mitch in Oregon, WI, and more prizes to be announced later for all 3 divisions.  There will also be a tour ending raffle where you are entered once per tournament you play in.

Cheddar Curtain

What is the Cheddar Curtain?  The border separating Wisconsin and Illinois may just seem like a dark line on a map to some, but to many residents of both states it is a philosophical and cultural divide known as the Cheddar Curtain.  Arguably not as divisive as the original Iron Curtain, it delineates a shift from the pastoral farmlands of Illinois to the dairy country of Wisconsin.  Once visitors have crossed the Cheddar Curtain, their paths are bound to intersect with a cheese product eventually.


Click on the tournament icons below to learn more about each tournament and register.

Rockford Swedish Historical Society Kubb Tournament

May 6th, 2017

Ingersoll Centennial Park, Rockford, IL

Madison Kubb Charity Tournament

June 3rd, 2017

Olbrich Park, Madison, WI

Stoughton Kubb Invitational

July 22nd, 2017

John Nygaard Virgin Lake Park, Stoughton, WI

U.S. Kubb Open

August 5th, 2017

Riverside Park, Beloit, WI

Kubb in the Kettle

September 2nd, 2017

Pike Lake State Park, Hartford, WI

Cheddar Curtain Tour Leaders

Complete Standings Spreadsheet

Team Name Players Score
Redemption Chad Bevers & Darren Finger 13.00
Strike Without Warning Darren Finger & Pat Rupp 12.67
Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater Dave Giese & Brian Winistorfer 11.67
Gorilly United Dave Giese & Cody Glorioso 11.00
Team Gorilly Chris McDiarmid & Stephen McDiarmid 9.84
Team Ragnorak Jens Arneson, Lars Arneson & Nick Roth 9.67
Skelekubbers (Ed) Calvin Merath, Jason Pickett, Aaron Richards & Ryan Spielman 9.00
The NorthMen Troy Curtin, Steve Kitzer & Joe Malkasian 9.00
Kubb Squirrels Kyle Weakland & Neil Weakland 9.00
Adult Player Score
Darren Finger 25.67
Dave Giese 22.67
Chad Bevers 21.00
Pat Rupp 19.67
Brian Winistorfer 15.67
Cody Glorioso 15.50
Casey Anderson 12.33
Chris McDiarmid 9.84
Steve McDiarmid 9.84
Lars Arneson 9.67
Nick roth 9.67
Youth Player Score
Jake Erstad 8.50
Owen Ivanuck 4.00
Zoe Antczak 3.50

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