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2018 Screw City Spring Klassic

Date: May 5th, 2018

Location: Kieselburg Park, Roscoe, IL

Kubb United is partnering with Rockford Area Convention & Visitors BureauOwly Oops Sports Pub and Gigi's Playhouse to present the 2018 Celebration of the International Day of Kubb.  Potluck and goodwill donations to cover expenses and all remaining money will go to Gigi's Playhouse.

The tournament will take place on Saturday, May 5, 2018, at Kieselburg Park.  Registration begins at 8:45AM and play starts at 10:00AM.  

All proceeds are shared with Gigi's Playhouse.

Friday afternoon at 4pm, we will be playing practice games (called friendlies) and then going to Owly Oops Sports Pub for appetizers and drinks as it gets darker around 7:30pm.

The tournament will be 2-6 person teams.  Please register by filling out the form below. Free entries for all teams.

We are going to paint every pitch (weather permitting and the new park allows) and use the Kubb United Rules for Open Play with the exception of two player only teams.  There will be 8 qualifying rounds of single games each having a 25 minute time limit.  

Schedule (may change due to ):
8:30 - 9:40 - Check in and practice
9:40 - All-Team Meeting
10:00 - 1st qualifying round begins
10:30 - 2nd qualifying round begins
11:00 - 3rd qualifying round begins
11:30 - 4th qualifying round begins

12:00 - Noon-12:45 - Lunch Break

12:45 - 5th qualifying round begins
  1:15 - 6th qualifying round begins
  1:45 - 7th qualifying round begins
  2:15 - 8th qualifying round begins
  2:45 - Championship & Qualifying Rounds Begin


Register Here

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Registered Teams

  1. Chad Bevers & Matt Green (Kubb Snipers)
  2. Cody Glorioso & Chance Green (Prestige World Wide)
  3. Jake Erstad & Kurt Erstad (One More Baton)
  4. Diane Sparkman, Jody Gennrich, Diane Fossum  (Kubb Nips)
  5. Mark Dvorak & Brian Dusek (The Stlanley Kubbrick Experience)
  6. JM Sparkman & Todd Fossum (Kubb Hogs)
  7. Lenny Betker +1 (Fowl Kubb 1)
  8. Dahlton Betker +1 (Fowl Kubb 2)
  9. Jodan Betker +1 (Fowl Kubb 3)
  10. Denise Betker +1 (Fowl Kubb 4)
  11. Devin Schmidt +1 (Fowl Kubb 5)
  12. Pat Rupp & Kaleb Gorsch (Gunnar)
  13. Joe Hjersa & J.R. Hjersa (Michigan Kubb Snipers)
  14. Chris McDiarmid & Steve McDiarmid (Gorilly Goods)
  15. Kyle Weakland & Neil Weakland (Kubb Squirrels)
  16. Aaron Berry & Ed Jordan (Four Hour Wood)
  17. Paris Nelson, Ally McGinnis, Corina Kane, & Jess Scott (The Anarkubbs)
  18. Hunter Nelson & Stan West (The Highway Men)
  19. Jasper Hammer and Pax Nelson (Chi Town Skubbs)
  20. Kevin Scott & Joe Voight (Pitch Perfect 2)
  21. Josh Feathers & Chris Hodges (Team Knockerhead)
  22. Jeff Erickson & Mike Ekstrom (Rockford IceKubbs)
  23. Rachel Angell, JJ Simonson, RJ Munoz (Kruzn Kubbez)
  24. Ed Grondzki, Vicky Grondzki, & Cameron Grondzki (Spanish Inquisition)
  25. Jesse Fraim & Dave Giese (Team Oberon)
  26. Sue Feathers & Steve Feathers & Stephanie Kidder (Kubb'd)
  27. Charlie Dana & Kandy Dana & Gary Wolf & Kandy Dana (Ophir Gophers)
  28. Lori Jackson & Derrick Lander (Must Have Caffeine)
  29. Kathy Wellnitz & Nick Keller (Shoot to Drill)
  30. Jacob Bailey & Shelley Marchione & Les Bodey & Tyler Permenter (Kungslagare)
  31. Lar Antczak & Zoe Antczak  & Dave Antczak  & Kris Kinser (iKubb)
  32.  Jillian Peppers & Hayley Hoff & Jennifer Jensen & Scott Jensen (Tossers)
  33. Dan Ivanuck & Dan Buri (Dan Kubb - team name pending)
  34. Michael Hughes & Chelsea Grochocki (HughzYoKubbDaddy)

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