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2017 U.S. Kubb Open

Location: Riverside Park, 1160 Riverside Drive, Beloit, WI, 53511 (map)

Friday, August 4th – Practice & Social
Practice and friendlies all day at Riverside Park. Weather permitting, the pitches will all be painted. Social and kubb friendlies at The Rock Bar & Grill starting at 6:00PM.
Saturday, August 5th – U.S. Kubb Open
Check in before 8:30AM for the 2017 U.S. Kubb Open. All-team meeting at 8:30AM with play beginning at 9:00AM.
Sunday, August 6th – U.S. Kubb Open 1v1 Championship
Free 1v1 tournament for anyone who wants to play. Play begins at 9:00AM and ends at noon.

Kubb United is partnering with Beloit Parks & Leisure Services and Visit Beloit to present the 2017 U.S. Kubb Open.  Concessions will be provided by the Beloit Youth Hockey Association and will include beer.  We'd also like to thank Platinum Level sponsor DuPont for their generous donation and Gold Level sponsor JP's Backyard Games for providing the kubb sets.

The tournament will take place on Saturday, August 5, 2017, at Riverside Park.  Registration begins at 7:30AM, an all-team meeting is at 8:30AM and play starts at 9:00AM.

The tournament will be 2-person only teams.  We welcome teams from anywhere in the world.  Please register by filling out the form below and clicking "Pay Now".  The cost is $40 per team.

We are going to paint every pitch (weather permitting) and use the Kubb United Rules for Open Play.  There will be 8 qualifying rounds of single games each having a 25-minute time limit.  After that the top 16 teams will be seeded in the championship qualifying bracket.  In the championship qualifying bracket, teams will play best 2 out of 3 matches with the 8 winning teams going to the Championship Bracket and the 8 losing teams to the Consolation A Bracket.  Teams 17-32 will be seeded in the Consolation B bracket, and teams 33-48 will be in the Consolation C Bracket.  All consolation matches are single games with a 30-minute time limit.

Cash payouts will be awarded to the top 8 teams in the Championship Bracket and the top 2 teams in the Consolation A Bracket.  We will be giving away 75% of the registration fees out in cash prizes.  Kubb United board members are not eligible to win cash prizes.  Any cash prizes Kubb United board members win will be put into a Community Fund for granting money to kubb clubs around the country.

During the matches throughout the day, active referees will be officiating matches as coverage allows.  Visit Beloit will also be running a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament throughout the day.

Tournament Director: Chad Bevers

Head of Officiating: Josh Feathers

Saturday Schedule:
7:30 - 8:30 - Check in and practice
8:30 - All-Team Meeting
9:00 - 1st qualifying round begins
9:30 - 2nd qualifying round begins
10:00 - 3rd qualifying round begins
10:30 - 4th qualifying round begins
11:00 - 5th qualifying round begins
11:30 - 6th qualifying round begins
Noon - 12:30 - Lunch Break
12:30 - 7th qualifying round begins
1:00 - 8th qualifying round begins
1:30 - Championship & Consolation bracket play begins

Championship Bracket Play - Best 2 out of 3 matches with no time limit
Consolation Bracket Play - 1 game matches with 30-minute time limits

As a thank you to all the players, Kubb United is putting on a free 1v1 tournament that will take place on Sunday, August 6, 2017, at Riverside Park.  This tournament is open to anyone who would like to play.  Just enter your email and name below and click "Signup".  Arrive anytime in the morning and play starts at 9:00AM.  We will play 6 rounds of 25-minute games using the Klassic Format spreadsheet.  The top 3 players at the end of the 6 rounds will receive medals.  This will get us done by noon so those with longer drives can get on the road.

Sunday Schedule:
8:45 - Tournament meeting
9:00 - 1st qualifying round begins
9:30 - 2nd qualifying round begins
10:00 - 3rd qualifying round begins
10:30 - 4th qualifying round begins
11:00 - 5th qualifying round begins
11:30 - 6th qualifying round begins

Sunday - Free
U.S. Kubb Open
1v1 Championship

Saturday - $40
U.S. Kubb Open
Team Registration

Team Name
Both Team Member Names
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Registered Teams for Saturday U.S. Kubb Open

  1. Matt Green & Ryan Wayne Kolden (Perfect Storm)
  2. Matthew Erdman & Andrew Strait (Kubbescent)
  3. Phil Goetstouwers & Ford Rolfsrud (Kastpinnar Kings)
  4. Darren Finger & Kyle Weakland (Squirrel Damage)
  5. Steve Feathers & Stephanie Kidder (Kubb'd)
  6. Dave Giese & Bryan Jones (The Blocking Dead)
  7. Mark Oman & Grant Scott (Jake's Eights)
  8. Matt Bosen & Jeff Vohs (Executive Session)
  9. Brian Dusek & Mark Dvorak (The Stanley Kubbrick Experience)
  10. Todd Fossum & JM Sparkman (Kubb Hogs)
  11. Jason Larson & Brian Winistorfer (TBD)
  12. Barb Lancette & Ben Lancette (Kubbcettes)
  13. Jake Erstad & Kurt Erstad (One More Baton)
  14. Cody Glorioso & Amy Gostisha (Kubberoos)
  15. Paul Abraham & Jason Kieronski (Big Kubbies)
  16. Troy Curtin & Joe Malkasian (The Northmen)
  17. Dave Ellringer & Chris Hodges (Knock on Wood)
  18. Cole Carlson & Braden Fitzgerald (Hodge Podge)
  19. Michelle Fitzgerald & Jeannie Parma (Blockheads)
  20. Jordan Betker & Lenny Betker (Fowl Kubb)
  21. Allison Gauthier & Jared Greving (Kubb and Crackers)
  22. Bob Redieske Jr. & Marja Redieske (What Were We Thinking)
  23. Dahlton Betker & Tylor Dawson (Soggy Bottom Boyz)
  24. Joe Hrejsa & J.R. Hrejsa (Plays with Wood)

Registered Players for Sunday U.S. Kubb Open 1v1 Championship

  1. Darren Finger
  2. Evan Fitzgerald
  3. Kyle Weakland
  4. Grant Scott
  5. Ford Rolfsrud
  6. Matt Erdman
  7. Bryan Jones
  8. Anne Bogstad
  9. Andrew Strait
  10. Brian Dusek
  11. Brian Winistorfer
  12. Cody Glorioso
  13. David Ellringer

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