Kubb United

We are all on the same team

Our Mission:

  • Kubb United is a group of kubb enthusiasts that promote kubb as a competitive sport.
  • We empower kubb players of all skills and abilities to grow into athletes.
  • We serve and support tournament directors that aspire to give kubb enthusiasts the best kubb experience possible.
  • We are motivated to action by kubb enthusiasts that strive to be amazing both on and off the pitch.

Our Vision:

  • We want everyone to be a part of Kubb United.
  • We feel that we can focus our collective energy and wisdom into bettering the sport through the implementation of new and innovative ideas that kubb enthusiasts want to experience.
  • We feel that as a team, we can provide the best possible events, resources, and information to kubb players and tournament directors.
  • Through our efforts, we will foster and champion everyone to be the embodiment of the spirit of the game.

Our Strategy:

  • As a team, we will invest resources and seek partnerships that will allow us to create an open place where kubb enthusiasts can go to tap into Kubb United’s collective wisdom.
  • As a team, we support each other’s initiatives and will work together to provide a major event that supports our mission and vision.


The 2018 Board of Directors

Chad Bevers  |  Josh Feathers  |  Evan Fitzgerald  |  Dave Giese  |  Chris Hodges | Joe Zenas | Phil Dickinson

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