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Klassic Format Spreadsheet

DMK Klassic v6.0


How do you calculate Game Score and Opponent Score?
Game score is the sum of all your match results for each round.  Opponent score is the sum of all the game scores for the opponents that you have played minus the game that you played them.  This is calculated on the Team List tab.

Can we allow some rounds to go longer than 25 minutes?
We strongly suggest that you treat each game and round consistently.  It may seem like a minor thing to allow teams to play longer before the lunch break, but each fraction of a point can make a big difference on determining seeding and who makes it into the championship bracket. 

How do you determine who throws last when time runs out?
If you used a balanced opener like the 2-4-6 or 3-6 opener, then we suggest just playing out the team’s round that is currently throwing when the time limit is met. We recommend this, because there is a minimal advantage in throwing first with those openers.  If you use a 6 baton opener, then we would let the team that didn’t throw first finish their turn.  

Is there an advantage to losing your first 2 games to get easier teams to play for a few rounds?
This is a very risky strategy that we don’t recommend.  1)  You will risk having a weaker opponent score that would cause you to lose in tie-breaker scenarios or lower your seed which would give you a tougher opponent in the elimination round.  2) Eventually, you are going to have to play tougher teams again and increases your risk of being eliminated in later rounds.  We wouldn’t recommend ever intentionally losing a game with this tournament format as it is designed to benefit the teams that perform better in qualifying rounds.

How does the system select who plays each round?
The first round is selected randomly.  After that round and you have an odd number of teams, then it checks to see who is the bottom ranked team.  It chooses that team for a bye if they haven’t had a bye.  If they have had a bye then it searches from the bottom and moves up to find a team that hasn’t had a bye yet.   Once it has determined who gets the bye or you have an even number of teams, then it starts from the top of the leader board.  Starting with the first team it finds the next highest ranked team that they have not played and assigns them to pitch 1.  Then it moves on to the next available team on the list and assigns them the next highest team that they have not played and assigns them to pitch 2.  It continues this method until all teams are assigned a pitch.


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